What it’s all about

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. In these posts, you will find my heart open for viewing. Each post is a personal view on everyday spirituality, mindfulness, being human, and navigating relationships. Sometimes it’s about books, music, art, poetry, it’s not intended to be static. Sometimes I post from other sources, but always try to add comment from my perspective. 

This is a place intended to explore my ideas about peace, love, relationships and inner spirituality. I hope to contradict myself, refine my emotions and take my journey deeper… all the while being open and authentic with those who stumbles upon my page. 

Goddess in the Belly is my desire to connect with the ebb and flow of relationship, creativity and the energy of the sacral chakra that resides in us all. It should read Goddess in My Belly, but that’s not the way it started. The power of the Divine Feminine calls to me deeply, and as I learn to honour that piece of myself fully, I anchor it into my experience.

Though I don’t know where it is leading, I humbly follow the call …

So, welcome to my diary, feel free to poke around I’ve been busy!

~ Crystal



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