What Happens on the Reiki Table


When someone agrees to get onto a reiki table, for whatever reason, they are saying ‘yes’ to their spirit. Sometimes they don’t even know why they feel called to the table, but they come for the experience anyway. Reiki is a Japanese word for that which we are; universal energy in motion. It is by far the most recognised word in the energy-work community (as it went mainstream) but energy isn’t exclusive to one culture. Reiki in itself is a practice and a spiritual path that are never separate. But, for the purposes of my thoughts this morning, I’m just referring to the practice of shifting energy and not the complex system of learning that integrates body and energy; or its long history. Having a session, at its root, is about the alignment of universal energy within a person’s experience. It’s about movement. Agreeing to get on a practitioners table is the first step in taking responsibility for how you feel as an embodied spirit.

We are meant to ebb and flow as spiritual beings, we are not meant to clamp and hold on. But we do, we clamp down on anger, worry, and fear. We forget to be truthful and allowing with ourselves and others. Any manner of experience will cause us to pinch off from our natural alignment, and sometimes things get stuck in us. We collect ideas, thoughts and emotions like static cling. If we don’t learn how to balance ourselves, our natural energy can leak out, leaving us depleted and open to dis-ease.

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Where in your life are you feeling stuck, lost, unsure? Where in your body are you experiencing anything other than balance?  Where does the block come from? Learning to be truthful with yourself is a practice, one that can be aided by having a Reiki Practitioner hold space for your discovery.

I believe that everyone who asks to work with energy (as a receiver or practitioner) is being Soul Directed to move deeper into alignment with their Source.

I have a group of people that rotate through my Reiki Room when they know they need to shift their vibration. They range from friends to family members, each having their own unique reasons for coming into my sacred space and opening up to flow. Sometimes they come in knowing what they want to work on, and sometimes they just know it’s been awhile and they need to surrender to a higher energy.

Every once in awhile I get a new client, they are there for curiosity sake and have no idea what they are asking for. Before we begin they are always curious about what happens in a Reiki Session. And I always say, “Come and have your own experience. Each session is different and at the very least you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed at the end.”

The fun part (for me) is that ‘weird’ things happen when people relax long enough to listen. Not much is actually weird for me any longer, but its a good description of the process. Memories surface to be addressed; they aren’t always from this dimension. Buried emotions get released, awareness heightens and information gets exchanged in a plethora of ways. Some people report feeling relaxed, like receiving the benefits of massage. Others see colour and visions while being worked on, or experience warmth and tingling that feels comforting.

In the end, what happens on the Reiki table is that a person feels supported and its why they return for more.




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Shifting Tunnel Vision

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What shifts a person from an outward expression of anger, separation and fear to an inner knowing of oneness, peace and joy is just vibration. I choose to shift my focus continually towards what feels better.

This world is a very large buffet table. We don’t have to partake in everything.  Most of the time I make choices about my life based on how I want to see the world. But, sometimes I get tripped up and begin to try and change other people by explaining my particular point of view. Sometimes I look for others to join me in my stance because there is strength in numbers. And sometimes I will change my view in order to feel better about what others are saying. When I do that, nothing within me is shifting, I’m just getting caught up in what is outside of myself.

This is why learning to pause and check in with who I am is so important to my individual practice. Everywhere in the world, there is ‘this cause’ and ‘that cause’ to which someone, someplace, is impassioned about. Someone who wants others to jump onboard. Part of being self-sovereign is to know that I don’t need to worry about what anyone else is doing, thinking or saying. I just need to know how I am feeling and how to shift it to a place that is right for me.

When my energy gets caught up in trying to change what is outside of myself, I put my focus on more of what I don’t want and nothing changes. When I remember that nothing outside myself needs to change for my vibration to shift, I stop worrying about what anyone else is doing, thinking or saying and begin to take responsibility for my own deep emotional state.

Comparison is the root of all issues until you make the decision to no longer compare yourself with what is found outside yourself. Vanity and resentment are pitfalls of the mind, understanding there will always be lesser and greater things than you frees you from that trap. It’s not about ignoring injustice. It’s not about numbing out to the pain of others or being less compassionate. It’s about taking responsibility for yourself and watching how your choices change the world.




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Rabid for more

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There are thoughts dancing around the edges of my mind this morning, ones I can’t quite pin down. I’m not even sure the ideas are related. But I think the ideas centre around the notion that the world wants more because it has a hole it just can’t fill. It wants more of everything without really thinking about the why of it. People want the next thing, the next purchase, the next teacher, the next lesson, the next thrill, the next fad. Why are we looking for more, when most of us haven’t even begun to wring the nuance out of what is here?

We see it every day, an artist drops an album with seventeen songs and within hours fans are asking when the next album is coming out. An author takes years to write a book and is asked about the next story as soon as the last page is read. We’re all guilty of it to some degree or another; binge watching television shows is a thing after all. We’ve been trained to be consumers and that’s what we do.

Wanting more isn’t a bad thing, its manifestation at its most basic level. It’s the mindlessness that feels off about our desires for me. And what I want more than anything is mindfulness. Is it possible for the world to deepen their rabid desires into something more meaningful? How can people stop looking for the next thing and recognise what they may be looking for is deeper fulfilment that lasts beyond the moment.

I don’t know why it is rolling around in my mind. But when I began yoga classes about twelve years ago, I remember being told that Shavasana was the most important asana. Shavasana (or corpse pose) laying on your back and breathing in stillness, is often used at the end of classes as a cool down and integration. When I began learning yoga I understood stillness was important for people, but I couldn’t quite reconcile that Shavassina was more important than working my way into some of the more advanced poses. I thought being a pretzel WAS the goal. I had come in with a ‘do’ and not a ‘be’ mindset. I was a very sheltered 24-year old who didn’t understand that yoga meant practice, not pretzel.

Now, I understand that I brought the do mindset to class with me because of the way I grew up. As a new student, I could only hear part of what was being shown to me because I had an idea in my head about what I thought yoga should be and I was blind to anything more. I think it may be the same for mass consumption. Sometimes we behave mindlessly. We do things because we think we should, or because it seems easier. We do things because we’re part of society, cogs in an endless wheel.

Shavasana is intended as a fully conscious pose, aimed at teaching a person to be awake and in complete surrender. It’s a way of bringing the inner energy into alignment with the physical body. Holding that place of stillness and surrender isn’t an easy thing when a person first begins, it takes practice. Especially if they are looking at yoga as a thing to ‘do for the body’ (which I was) and not a practice that reveals who they are.

My teacher talked a lot about yoga foundations being the most important part of the whole practice; the most important poses are the ones that teach you breathing and stillness. It’s about how to move in a way that feels good for you and a way to listen deeper to your body, mind and spirit. The most transformation happens between the poses when you shift mindfully into the next asana. I understood her to a point, but it took awhile to undo my conditioning. Seeing the foundations as the most important thing to grasp was in direct conflict with any sort of training I had ever had before.

Everyone knows you start at a low level and work your way up to the most valued lessons when you go to school. Most people certainly don’t think the foundations learned in kindergarten are more important than their university degree. But we recognise what happens if foundations are not grasped fully. Learning to play, to get along with people, how to rest and care for yourself are all valuable things learned in childhood. If those simple, yet important, lessons are not grasped early in life, later on, a person can become full of bitterness and fear.

For me, honouring what is here at this moment has become an art form. Do I need action, do I need rest, do I need to take off my socks and touch my feet to the earth …

Knowing how to answer these questions slows the need to fill myself from an outside source. I become the master and director of my world. I slow down, trusting that what is needed is present now. And know that inspiration (that leads to action) will be easy to find alignment with as long as I continue to listen in that way. How I feel builds a foundation for more that I don’t even need to perceive. Consumption becomes less rabid, more mindful and everything about what I do deepens and its the space between my choices that shift my world.


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