A Tapestry of Time and Energy



As above so below,

As within so without.

A tapestry of time and energy

Not cut and dry

Nor exclusive,

 But a whole lot of layers.

My sovereignty is imperative,

Nuance is the key.

I’m convinced that emotions are what lead us forward in all areas and that in order to see changes to what I encounter, I must first acknowledge I have contributed to the manifestations being witnessing. I’ve allowed the world to form by not paying attention. But, even so, I trust that I have been held by larger energies than these simple human senses.

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To feel is to Connect


Last night as I watched Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix Special, “Hannah Gadsby: Nanette” I was struck by the nuance of what was being offered up. The power of one person standing before many and sharing the pivot point to their personal narrative is like witnessing alchemy.

I woke up thinking about the emotional journey she took her audience on, and the monumental importance of people witnessing her as she shifts her story. It’s not easy to hear some of the things she shares, and I had to actively breathe into my heart as I listened to some of it. But she’s coming from a place of shifting the story of her self-worth and it makes the sharing very powerful. Her observations on our numbing out within the collective are potent too. Complicity doesn’t help anything shift toward the better.

I had been on the treadmill and clicked on it because I thought it was going to be a comedy special. I didn’t know Hannah Gadsby. I hadn’t seen an interview with her and didn’t read the description of the show. Without a doubt, this show moved me. It made me laugh, but more importantly, it made me think and feel. It wasn’t a fluffy comedy show, and maybe I would have gathered that if I had taken the time to read the Netflix overview. But to be honest, if I had taken the time to read it, I wouldn’t have watched it.

I was left feeling like Hannah had bravely gifted herself, all the raw and vulnerable parts of her story, to the world. Her tender underbelly exposed, her raw potent anger exposed, her humour and it’s layered reasons all out there in a very powerful way.

To view it, I felt like I was witnessing something amazing, on a very visceral level. I was offered an opportunity to see someone using their story to heal their own traumas and ask the world to witness that vulnerability; not for pity, but because the story is just too large to contain in one body.

This asking is not something that people do outside of women’s circles. We haven’t given permission to each other to be this honest in general, and we’ve given women even less space to do so.

Through her time on stage, she takes the viewer on a journey, its raw, honest and beautifully human.  She begins slowly, using a well-honed understanding of comedy to bring her audience in. She even tells them what she’s doing. And then she slowly unfolds her observations of our world. How mixed up we are.

While witnessing this one woman’s journey in life, and what informed her as an individual, it’s clear that all life events shape each of us. And we all internalize so much.

A person could watch this passively, could try really hard to stay out of the feelings introduced, but Hannah’s expertise at drawing the observer into an emotional response is nothing short of masterful. In the end, I didn’t know if I was elated or exhausted. I’ve never thought about how comedy is a manipulation of emotions, or even that a comedian knows what they are doing; Hannah explains it. She also offers up the idea that laughter is not our best medicine as we have been taught, but our intimate stories are and that we would be wise to use them. Those are the things that will shake us up from our complacency, make us think and shift the acceptance of the status quo.

To feel is to connect and to stay open is compassion. Its how we stay human. If you have time, check out her show, if anything it will take you on a masterful emotional journey. If you’re not sure, check out this interview to get a feel for her style of sharing. As always, if it moves me I like to pass it on…

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Working with the Unseen Energies

What I wish people knew about working with the unseen energies is that it doesn’t matter what you call them. People like labels, the unseen world is about frequency and vibration. And just like tuning into a frequency from a radio station, you have access to these vibrations anytime through your feelings.
It’s nuanced work.
Since its all inside of you right now, you have access at any time, and no intermediary is necessary. You just need to learn how to tune your signal. If you take the time you will discover that you are so much more than just this body.
Your connection will only be as clear as you allow yourself to be, and will shift and change with time. Everything you experience will be through your unique perceptions and filtration but will always have meaning for you.
To begin, let yourself breathe into the areas you forget to be aware of, soften your body with intention. Let yourself come into full integrety with this moment, with as much presence as you can. Expanding your vibration works best when you are aware of your larger support energy. Intending to connect down to the heart of the earth, and up to the oneness of our universe allows you to feel secure.
Your subtle frequency is speaking to you in all moments. You’re just moving too fast (most of the time) to feel all the information you have access to.
In order to listen you need to practice slowing down. That’s why all the books tell you that you need a regular meditation practice. It’s to helps you hone your focus.
In the beginning, it’s easiest to focus on your heart, because its the bridge between the seen and the unseen. Breathing into your heart space acts as an anchor for your focus; from there you can let your awareness expand. Use your breath and intention and feel yourself soften. This is what it means to surrender.
It doesn’t matter if you see fully, because where your intention goes the energy flows. Over time other perceptions will open up and your brain will interpret the vibrations that are perfect for your unfolding. Since you are tuning into a feeling place don’t worry about what you see or don’t see, stay with the emotion that arrises it will tell you all that you need to know.
Your focus is a muscle that needs to be exercised, its not so much what you connect to but how you are connecting that makes the difference. When you get quiet, that’s when you become aware of your personal frequency.
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