All Time is Now, All Space is Here: Layers of Reality

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Laying in bed this morning, my heart chakra opened up and my third eye pulsed. As I slowly surfaced into the day I was cradled in a swirling vortex of knowing.

We are beautiful creatures, layered in complexity and design. It’s so unbelievably brilliant how the layers work together.

Not only are we working on our personal story within this time line (our mind body, spirit connection) But extended out from us we have agreed to clear our ancestry layers, both forward and back in time. As a body we are a chemical configuration of the perfect DNA structure, distilling the human layers that have been passed down generationally. And we are not doing this alone, our blood relatives carry a part of the family puzzle.

If that wasn’t enough, we have even more layers that are not connected to DNA, we are vibrational beings with an energy signature that lines up with a particular soul story; threads of awareness that vibrate like notes in the melody of time. Sometimes this lines up with our DNA story, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Our soul layer can stand alone. We are complexly layered in reality and have more nuance that we can focus on.

Out from our physical focus, we are vibrations of the universe in motion and can line up with our Galactic soul families; carrying layers of our vast expressions of being into this moment of awareness. Within each layer, there is a nuance that twists and twines together making up the completely beautiful expression of Source that we are. There is not one reality here, but many.

That expression of being, in all its facets, is the Oneness of existence knowing itself fully. Some people want to go to war over what we call it and how we live with it. Others want to ignore it. Our human wants so badly to name everything, to turn it over and understand it. The brain thinks that if it can draw it down into the physical that it will become more real. But real ‘reality’ is transmutable. It is not as static as our condensed world; it shifts and changes as we do. All time is now, all space is here. There is nothing left out of that statement.

Because our human wants so badly to name everything, to turn it over and understand it we often fall into the trap of thinking it’s necessary to agree. That in colluding with others it validates our path. The brain thinks that if it can draw down the unnamable into the physical that it will become more real. But real ‘reality’ is as transmutable as it is neutral. Beingness is not as static as our condensed world; it shifts and changes as we do. Reality is expanding, creating and moving, it is pure potential. That changeable infinite possibility is our what makes up our vibrational core.

The layers of reality you personally experience are about your particular vibrational range. Where are you focused? How are you lined up in your thinking? What do you believe to be true? You will only experience what you are open to.

There are infinite possibilities as we expand consciousness and it’s all governed by the universal laws. So relax. If your beliefs work for you, bring you comfort and ease, then continue with what works. If you find yourself in a state of discomfort or dis-ease…it may be time to change your perceptions. Beliefs are just thought you keep thinking and everything thing you think can change one layer at a time.




About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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