Vertigo and Ascension

Today, I woke up with that unpleasant feeling of walking sideways and couldn’t quite shake it, until I got into deep meditation. Its taking constant focus and awareness to move through the day.

Because I often like to use breathwork and/or sound to shift energy around, tracks like this one work well ( check it out if you need extra assistance.


I find that shifting energy also needs a component of grounding for the embodiment portion of exsitance. Its one thing to go into meditation and become spaced out and another thing to learn how to ground down into the body, fully present and here. That means eating good food. Walking, running, or practising yoga. Because we’re learning as a collective to be fully here, now, that means we need to integrate Spirit and Human into deeper resonance with eachother.

Ascension symptoms come and go as waves of energy filter through our bodies. The symptoms (like vertigo) don’t come from the higher energies of light but the blocks and resistance withing the mind and body of the personality.

It’s not uncommon to experience weird fluxes now and again; we’ve all lived many rich experiences that have caused deep expectations and beliefs to calcify within our cell memories. It’s important to remember that it’s all just energy, and any manner of weirdness can move through us as we shift consciousness to different frequencies.

Knowing how to manage your symptoms takes experimentation; it’s the deep work that I find so fulfilling.

As we process what we are willing to release individually and as a collective, we have a list of similar experiences to draw from that have been going on for years; making this transition normal. We’re spiritual energy in dense physical bodies, weird fluxes happen as we become less dense (pun intended). A partial list of some ascension symptoms I’ve experienced on a very basic level are:

Finding yourself is a state of extreme drowsiness

Strange body aches and pains with no medical correlation



Memory lapse

Body heat fluctuation

Change in appetite, food aversions

Skin issues

Tingles on skin and scalp

Out of body experiences

Dream walking

Emotional upheaval

Feeling lost/confused/having an identity crisis

Strongly feeling and seeing energy

Feeling deeply in tune with astrological alignments

Increase in intuition/psychic abilities

Surfacing of “past life” memories and/or flashes into other time-space realities

Seeing another person’s True Soul Essence

Having zero tolerance for lower vibrations


We are coming out of an age where we expected a go-between to shift our energy for us; we looked to others to absolve us of anger, worry and fear. We have been entering (for some time now) a period of Self-Sovereignty, and these symptoms are our transitional growing pains. Knowing yourself and what you need has always been important, and now it is vital.

Knowing how to manage these shifts for yourself takes levels of surrender and trust. Everything is always moving through you, nothing is static or fixed. You always have the choice on how you focus your attention and ascension symptoms are no different. These times are about learning to tune your own vibration.

How do you feel and what do you need? (see how I always work that in?) It really is that simple.

Getting outside, using the elements to cleanse and clear your energy is always simple and effective. If you feeling off, get yourself in and around trees, buy some bath salt and have a good soak. Take care of your body and nourish your soul. It seems that more and more people need permission to rest when they are tired; so if your body is screaming to stop, this is your permission from the universe to take a load off.

Honour yourself at your deepest level by listening to what your inner voice is telling you. Take a deep breath and sink into your body, sink into this moment. You have always been more than a just body and all the universe wants to have a conversations with you.



About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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