The purpose of life

What is the purpose of life? What is Dharma? Dharma means higher purpose. The Law of Dharma says that ultimately the Dharma of all of us to reach enlightenment, unity, consciousness and total freedom from conditioning, There are several subsets of that purpose. We are here on to fulfill our talent and when we express our unique talents, we serve a higher purpose. We feel joy when we do this and even our profession should be in alignment with our Dharma. Our bigger purpose though is always to reach enlightenment and to find our true identity. That is when we learn how to be, not to love how to create how to serve and ultimately how to exercise subtle intention in choice-less awareness so we become an evolutionary impulse of the universe. ~ Deepak Chopra
            I have a miss-match of thoughts this morning, indulge me as I work them out. It seems that my inner work has been focused on claiming my power. Things that I didn’t say, or held back from are coming up for me to claim in a powerful way. I have worked a lot of my pathways, the ones that felt fear from my spiritual light, and it seems to be OK to express my power differently now.
As I was sitting on our back deck, one story came up for reflection and I began to turn it over in my mind. Many years ago I was lead through a meditation to greet my soul purpose. When I came out of it and the teacher asked what I was told, I said to him ‘they said I was a ‘wayshower’ “. It felt like a very important title, and when I said it out loud I got shivers. My teacher asked me what that meant, and I honestly had no clue. I remember feeling so confused. What did it mean? What was I supposed to do with it? At the time I hadn’t come across that word, and looking back knowing how much has been written about the subject I wonder if my teacher thought I was making it up.
Skip ahead a few years (almost 20) and I know without a doubt what it means. I walk my talk. I do my work. When I connect with people, I tune into their vibration and offer up suggestions based on intuition if they are open to it. I hold space for people to find their own path. I hold a particular vibration strongly and when they come in contact with me they feel good and they don’t always know why. I’m not overly judgmental, even though I have opinions, I understand everyone is dancing as fast as they can. With all my devotional heart I know now why I am a wayshower. I am a soul embodied, and earnestly wish that awareness on all beings if that is their highest good.
It isn’t a job, it’s not something to parley into something to fill my ego. It’s what I am. And I don’t really have to try at it.
Our egos can so easily run with things, the titles that are out there are almost too much for the human mind. They make the person feel elevated and have the potential to pull them down into self-importance. So, whatever you choose to say when you claim a title: lightworker, Indigo, Empath, Truthteller, (your title here) settle into it but remember the most important part is to live it. It doesn’t really matter what you claim.
You have a title? We all do. We have soul colours too. We’re all souls walking a path, learning to survive in ways that fulfil us. It’s not our mission here to get caught up in the names we are called, though it can help to settle us and give context to what is happing in our experience. Titles can help us find our community so we get validation and support to ask deeper questions. But what is truly important for the soul is the everyday.
What gets kicked up for you on the journey, what gets uncovered. Watch closely as the double-edged sword slices your ego to ribbons when you cling to the titles like a crown. Then pay attention to what continues to call to your heart. Listen to what speaks to your soul. Take notice of who are you when no one is looking. This life is not about impressing anyone else, it’s about feeding your spirit first.

About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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2 Responses to The purpose of life

  1. janonlife says:

    Oh that’s synchronicity! I needed to read that message today. thank you so much for delivering it.

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