So rich its beyond words

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This journey is so rich in substance it is often beyond words. There really isn’t a human language that can compare to the vibration of the universe within us. I know these times are challenging, everyone is looking for their foot hold as the energies toss curve ball after curve ball.

Are you ready for the key?

In order to find balance, you have to be willing to take responsibility to how you feel and what you create.

After some deep practice with meditation, one quickly learns that all the answers you are seeking come from the heart of stillness.

Stillness can be reached through many forms, and one of the most amazing ways is vibration. Because we are vibration in motion, seed mantras work to opening and calibrate our beingness into alignment by giving out monkey-mind something to focus on. Mantras are ways to help us find alignment when the world goes askew.

Once you start playing with vibration, you learn that it has the potential to take you deeper into the heart of hearts.

Inside each of us is a vast landscape of multi faceted characters and each interweaves to play out a grand dance of unmaking and making before our eyes. The world is watching this play out now in the US. But this isn’t a new song and dance. These parts of our own inner landscape have had names and stories for thousands of years.

Its a cycle as simple as the in-breath and as satisfying as the out-breath if you choose to zoom out and look at it all from a broader perspective.

For those who wish to live an awakened life, the keys that the old stories provide are vast. Our human gets so caught up in what it thinks its seeing in our day-to-day lives that we forget that we really are just vibration. Each one of us is energy, vibrating to a particular frequency. And we have been emitting these frequencies in variation since time began. The stories from those that came before us have been passed down for the times when we call out for remembrance.

Spiritual practice has a purpose, it gets us into a place of remembering. But we HAVE TO do the work. It isn’t enough to give lip service to the knowledge.

It seems that existence becomes out of balance when we forget that we are the universe in motion. Now, more than ever, it is time to learn how to unlock what is going on inside of us. Now, more than ever, its time to become the masters of our vibration. The dance of the in-breath and out-breath, that place of Oneness, is really what is needed to cause a revolution. Be still and KNOW, and the knowing will change everything.




About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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