The Unapologetic Feminine

‘The Unapologetic Feminine:
She who dares to stand rooted in the authority
of her untamed nature.
She is fully tapped into the erotic power of her body and the universe, her view is vast, and she moves fearlessly into battles insisting on the power of our light.
She mirrors to us a forgotten and much feared and longed for embodiment of feminine power, which I feel the world is calling for now.
She points us to a source of wisdom and empowerment
which is found through embodied intimacy with ourselves and the world…’
~Chameli Ardagh

I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this, I think I want to acknowledge the deeper well I drink from daily. It’s almost time for another Sadhana, and this time the beautiful Chameli Ardagh will lead us into the knowing of Lalita Devi;  The Divine Mother in the form of Shakti. Lalitha is the Goddess of bliss, and means “She Who Plays”. Lifted from Chameli’s web page:

“She is the love moving the universe,
She is the original impulse within your own heart,
She is the one manifesting in all life as erotic attraction.
She is the One “pervading unlimited space, yet fully manifest in every atom.”

At this point I’m so in I couldn’t hold myself back if I tried. This will be my fifth Sadhana, each practice an opportunity to know myself deeper. Open my perception of the bigger picture and let me shed old and out moded energies. Every practitioner needs a well that they can return to. An up-line that helps keep them in their own practice and on track.

For what I have been asking, this container connects me to the Divine Feminine. Sadhana time is a deep spiritual practice, and often uncovers parts of me that wish to stay hidden or frozen in time. Nothing excites me more than to tumble deeper down this path. I feel so grateful for the women who have come before me so that I could find these teaching now and add them into my experience.

To gush a little, I love the integrity of the sister’s at Awakening Women, the teachings come from such a deep well of intuition that it never feels contrived or put on. The realness can be felt from the vibration that they offer up and I delight in learning from those offerings. These are my mentors, the ones who walk their talk and lead an examined existence. This is where I have found my inner permission to be messy, real and deeply authentic. This is not a surface journey, but a deep calling of my heart.

The on-line circle is a circle of conscious women coming together from around the globe. Each of us wanting to consciously go deeper into the great mysteries. Chameli sets a container so beautifully that you can feel it build days before the actual practice, the energy beckons the seeker forward to take her seat in the great circle, to immerse herself into the container. The call to bath in the Shakti field is an opportunity to sink to whatever depth you desire. I can feel my excitement building and we’re still several days away.

21 day Sadhana immersion draw more than 600 women from all over the planet and this excites me to no end. I’m never quite sure why, other than I can feel the potency of the gathering. I often get tears in my eyes just seeing them take their seat on- line. Each interaction with these practices provides a powerful transmission 
of awakening, and often reminds me of the adage, “where two or more are gathered”.

The latest spiritual practice takes place online and on the phone, and starts March 11th. Registration is now open and already getting the circle talking. Learn all about it here: and see if she calls to you as she calls to me. I have not affiliate kick-back for this, just deep desire to have women gather authentically with each other. These are not times for playing old games, for letting comparison shrink you, or fear stop you from stepping forward. There is a wave moving, undulating just under the surface, and it’s calling us all to awaken.


About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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