Expectation is everything

It’s 6 am and I couldn’t sleep, the house is quiet and I’ve been awake for hours entertaining myself. Seriously, trying to light a candle with my mind and bend a spoon for the fun of it amuse me to no end. I’ll let you know if I ever succeed, but until then the practice is reserved for early mornings when I can’t sleep. Before you start to laugh, my mother sat me on her knee when I was three and put a pencil on the table and told me to float it…this has been thirty years of trying to bend matter and I still can’t align with it in that way.

I’ve been sitting with A Course in Miracles for a few years now, slowly going through the lessons as I am called. But liked the idea of having a reminder each day this year so I signed up for James Twyman’s ACIM revival out of curiosity. So far I haven’t felt called to listen to his music but I’m thinking about the first couple of lessons that were in my e-mail:

#2 I have given everything I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) all the meaning that it has for me.

#3 I do not understand anything I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place).

 How can we understand what anything is if we don’t really see it? This is where I always wonder if the writers of the Matrix were students of ACIM. These lesson helps us learn to release the decisions we’ve made about everything here in the physical, and replace it with a connection to truth. The lessons are an opportunity to realize the power of our own vision within this world, and to learn how to release every vision our ego has revealed in favor of truly seeing.

This is so Abraham-Hicks and what they have been saying for years. The only problem is they had to get people up to speed and the people who where listening just wanted to ‘manifest stuff’. But essentially The Course and Abraham are talking about the same thing, it’s time to take responsibility for the whole of our creation.

Everything we are, we have created. Anything we want to create we can. My favorite is when Abraham tells us we can manifest unicorns into this reality, first we just have to release our resistance to that. It’s not so much the unicorns, but the idea that reality is bendable. This post just got longer than I planned but here is the transcript of what was said:


~ Abraham-Hicks December 6, 2014, Phoenix, AZ

GUEST: I read a book about mermaids, and I was wondering if mermaids are real, or if they’ve existed, or if they’re just beautiful fairy tales, and the same with unicorns?

[Long pause and lots of laughter by the audience.]

ABRAHAM: Okay, this is what happens when you’re too happy all the time.

[Another long pause and more laughter by the audience.]

We’re in the deep, deep archives…wait a little bit here… [more laughter]…

The most important thing to understand is that when you have the ability to imagine it, then you have the ability to manifest if fully. And so, there are a lot of things that have flowed into the consciousness of humans, and been translated by humans into a form of reality. But, what you want to call reality, what most of you want to call reality, is the sort of thing where nobody questions its existence.

In other words, if a unicorn came romping through those doors and up onto the stage, most of you would want to examine it closely… because it isn’t part of your reality… meaning that the human consciousness that is living on the planet has not reached a state of expectation to allow that to show itself in that full manifested form.

And yet, the evolution of all species… the evolution of all things… but let’s talk about the evolution of all species… It really is about life causing you to hold a desire… and then finding a way not to resist it… until it becomes part of your evolution.

There have been so many physical beings who have participated in your time-space reality. And there are those who are able to travel inter-dimensionally… Your imagination is a very powerful thing. Your imagination is not necessarily a departure from reality.

The reason that we were not just willing – but eager – to talk with you about this is because we – or no one – has any business proclaiming anything that is in your consciousness as not real. And in the moment that you decide that you don’t need everybody else or anybody else to agree with you about its existence, then it can show itself to you. That really is the conversation we’re having here all day every day.

There are a lot of people who have a hard time thriving in a bad economy, but there are those who thrive most in a bad economy. There are those who have a hard time thriving when there is a physical epidemic, and yet there are those who thrive even amidst epidemics.

You are individual creators of your individual realities. But most of you have become so integrated in what’s going on around you, and – more important – so interested in getting other’s agreement about what you think. This is the thing that will trip you up more than all other things.

In other words, life shows you a pattern, and then you say, “Oh yeah, this is something I know. But you don’t seem to know what I know, so I’m gonna give my every effort to get you to see this like I see this.” And we say, “Give it up!” Let them see the unicorns. Let them see whatever it is that they want to see, while you see whatever it is that you want to see.

Will there be a time that you will see unicorns romping down your street? It is unlikely… Expectation is everything. There are a lot of writers who get into a creative mode where they begin to receive thoughts, and those thoughts are manifestations… and if there is anything that we would like you to hear in this room today – and this very example is going to be a tripping point for some of you – we want you to let her have her unicorns, we want you to let yourself have them, and just because something hasn’t manifested doesn’t mean that it can’t.

You are not miles away from what you want. And you are not years, or months, or days, or hours away from what you want. You are only vibrations away from what you want. So, you have the ability to find a way of focusing… that allows.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not try to stretch the biological boundaries of this time-space reality… We would start with things that are easy… We would start with things that are easy… Until we have convinced ourselves that, “If I have the ability to imagine it, then I have the ability to have a relationship with it.” You see?

Not as satisfying as some would like. We will not say that they are not real… because our work all day every day is to get you to accept this Vortex that you cannot see. And who knows what’s in there? Everything that you want is in there. It is your work to get into the receptive mode… You want it… you have allowed yourself to imagine it… that is a thought that you are realizing, that is a thought that you are realizing… So, what stops the momentum? What keeps the thought that you have imagined from manifesting all the way out? Thoughts that contradict it. That’s all that it is.


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