Healing Through Presence, I can see you.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
~ Nikola Tesla

I’m really missing talking about ‘energy’ and ‘healing’ in a common space. Since the Reiki Center closed I don’t have the some daily interaction with those holding space for others. A co-operative environment was wonderfully fulfilling because the other healers just got what I was talking about (for the most part).

I’ve been thinking about how I will channel deeper healing energy while with clients and this marries into the barriers towards love that are still in place within my own psyche. As a result I’m darn good with moving energy but limited by what I hold back from myself. This isn’t a slight on my part, I know I’m good, just an open observation that there is always room to go deeper. Every healer goes through this in layers and non more than teachers and those committed to mastery.

My healing has gone through many stages. In the beginning I didn’t have any training, just what I was awakened to in this life and I would draw the energy out of a person, almost like a poison then allow the earth to cleans it. I know now that is very shamanic in nature. Later, I would run white light through the body, traveling the pathways of light from the inner plains, again without training, just being open and willingness to follow intuition. Then came my Reiki, Quantum Touch and Re-connection training, as well as a few others modalities as I tried to make sense of these things I wanted to do … the one common thread was that you have to get out of the way. It’s not about directing anything but the art of allowing.

hands of light

When I talk about healing and energy work I use the word Reiki, because its become normal like ‘yoga’, though in the strictest sense I move with the flow of energy and I don’t care what we call it. Whatever you brand it, it’s all vibration and frequency. It’s what we are.

When I explain it to atheists, I tend to talk about it as human connection and presence. There is great healing to be found when we are present with one another. As a culture we are missing touch and the sense of being seen and witnessed, we are missing our tribe. Seeking out a practitioner who can ‘see you’ has wonderful holistic benefits that can’t always be seen on the physical, manifest in beautiful ways. No one is a magic pill, but when we make the commitment to change the world changes. The key to all changes are in our inner transformation, and if we can’t do it on our own finding a practitioner to hold our hand is a wonderful gift.



About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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