Empaths, Intuitives and Sensatives with Alcohol


I noticed something this weekend that I haven’t had cause to noticed for a while, but the experience brings my understanding into sharper focus. Alcohol leaves a person energetically wide open, allowing for other energy to take a ride in the vibrational field around them. I attended a Rotary Gala where I drank too much red wine and learned a valuable lesson. Hangovers are not only a physical reaction to poisoning yourself but for me a psychic mess that has to be cleaned-up one layer at a time.

As a sensitive person, I don’t like how alcohol dulls my extra senses and I choose to stay away from over use. I notice that it weakens my aura and clogs my chakras. It’s the same for anyone really, alcohol and drugs in great quantities mask over our truth causing more layers for us to sift through in the long run.

Drinking in the wrong crowd, I become a sponge for energy in a heightened way, and it takes me a full day to recover from the extra vibrations that I pick up. It’s why I’ve never been one to frequent bars, clubs or large parties where drugs and alcohol are being consumed. From what I’ve learned over the years, drugs and alcohol thin out the energy field around you and make it easy for negative thoughts, suggestions, energy entities and other energy zapping ‘stuff’ to affect your aura.

The aura filters, holds and absorbs the energy within your own psychic boundary lines and acts as a barrier against filtering in too much information. When you are drunk (or high) your energy boundaries begin to loosen up and energy leaks can (and do) occur, leaving you wide open for problems due to ‘energy viruses’ that can slip in. These ‘viruses’ are the result of misunderstood information, negative thought forms, and sometimes the result of dealing with un-grounded people.

A room full of strangers with their own stories, thoughts, and ideas isn’t exactly the best or safest place for a highly sensitive to let themselves become vulnerable. Some call these experiences psychic attack (or any number of other scary words) but I never use those explanations because my belief system is that only love is real, all else is just a trick of shadow. What does happen is that your aura picks up information, and when you are drinking your aura has the potential to pick up too much information for normal process.

What is attracted into my auric field is the opportunity to clean up my vibration and burn away the dark. With alcohol I am able to access what is hidden in my subconscious and deal with it in the light of day. Raising my vibration back to the one I naturally exist in isn’t hard, but it does take some time and focus. I have to be clear and grounded for what I do, and often don’t have time to take a day to undo what alcohol does to my energy systems. Luckily, there wasn’t much going on this weekend and I was able to gain a foot hold back into my reality.

What I learned is that a large group of people is impossible to shield against when I am over my two glass limit of drink. There is a reason I’m not a big drinker to begin with, and in the future I’m going to remember that my life is one of energy and flow. Lessons learned the hard way often stick, but its taken years to figure out how I want to be in this world. I love coming to the ah-ha portion of understanding, it makes the lessons all the more fun.



About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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9 Responses to Empaths, Intuitives and Sensatives with Alcohol

  1. Allison says:

    Such a great observation! I can totally relate.

  2. I too won myself a hangover this past weekend. And I embarrassed myself by falling over. I was so upset with myself when I went to bed. I got mad at my husband for not supporting me, but I was more mad at myself for letting myself get into that state. It’s not the first time, it happens too often really. Usually when I am with my old crowd of friends. I just go back into my old patterns and get caught up in the celebrations and always, always regret it the next day. Like you say, it effects every layer of my being. I was so drained the next day, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Wine & I don’t mix!! The next day after that was so blissful. I woke up after a wonderful nights sleep. Did some meditation, yoga and then went for a swim in the lake. There was no-one else around. I truly felt like I was being cleansed and Held Up by the water. I said to myself. This is where I want to be. This is what I want to do. NO more self abuse. Life is precious. Namaste.

    • Hi Cheryl, sometimes we need to be hit over the head a few times to get the lesson, the beauty of being human is we can’t get it wrong 🙂 so we can repeat the lessons as many times as we want, LOL

  3. Such a great post and I completely believe this to be true! My husband and I have recently stopped drinking (since March), at first for health, but now it’s become something different – we’ve stepped back long to realize how bad it makes us feel in all ways, like the ones you describe here. It’s just simply not worth it not to feel anymore. I feel such a severe disconnect from myself, and in the past I enjoyed that sensation but now it’s tragic and painful.
    I really enjoyed this, thanks for shining some light on it!
    ~ Andrea ❤

    • Thanks Andrea, glad you enjoyed it! Being a non drinker can be hard in a world where its so socially acceptable, kind of like telling people you don’t drink warm beverages 🙂 I guess it all depends on your circle of people. Myself, I like a nice glass of red wine, now and then, but am definitely not a drinker (until once in a blue moon when I forget). ~ C

  4. Love this article! I’ve been sober 3 years now and just really started connecting to all things spiritual a few months ago. I recently went to a bar and didn’t drink and I was soooo overwhelmed by the negative energies I was picking up. The next day it felt like I was hungover without even a sip of alcohol!

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