Your Body is Full of It


Prepare to become intimate with yourself. Are you ready? How often to you contemplate your navel? Seriously, how well do you know you body? If you practice yoga for more than fitness, probably pretty well. If you have a daily practice of meditation that you stick with, the chances are even higher.

Deep inside is a wellspring of knowledge just waiting to answer your questions. When the energy of all things is flowing through you the sacred feminine becomes the wellspring of power, creativity and change. It feeds you the nourishing nectar you have been craving. It replenishes your cup, healing old wounds. The archetype of ‘Her’ has been cut off, collectively, we have forgotten how to listen. Across cultures this energy goes by many names, and I believe it is the thrum of the universe. This vibration is what puts the sparkle behind your eyes and causes excitement when you are on to something juicy. Collectively, we are now learning how to tune-in and follow the creative impulse of this energy. Collectively we are beginning to listen and open up to something bigger. Allowing it to move from within takes a certain amount of focus.

Are you ready? Has your heart been longing for something you can’t fully name? Have you touched it a few times already, and yet still can’t embody that nameless feeling? Do you want more of what you already know to be true?

Sit quietly for a moment. Sink into your chair, and notice your body. Come into this moment fully. Breathe in and expand you chest. Exhale and come fully into your body. Become aware of the space around your body. Expand your awareness to the front and to the back of you, to the left and to the right of you. Notice how it feels inside your body. Breath in, and blow out, sinking down a little deeper. Claim your space by expanding your awareness into and through your body a little more.  Let the knowing run rampant through your system. Let it dance along your thighs, wriggle up your back and across your shoulders. Exhale and sink into the vessel that is your body. As you breathe, get acquainted with your toes, yes all of them. Notice your hips, are they stiff? Soften them. What about your lower back? Allow it to relax. Is your belly relaxed, or do you clench it? What about the rest of your body? Let it relax, just for this moment. Check out the tips of your ears? How about that navel?

Notice how you feel.

Collectively, we don’t spend near enough time inside our bodies. We are taught to be ten feet into the future at all times. We were not taught how to be present, or how to embody our nature. Celebrate the beauty of your body as the birthright of what you are. This vessel is more than a body, it is a complex system for communication. Each sensation is information presenting itself to you for your own growth, and potential expansion. Each nuance whispers offerings of directions not yet traveled. When people lament “I wish life came with an instruction manual,” I say, “It already did, but no one taught you how to read it.”

Have a wonderful weekend!


About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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