The Red Tent vs Womb Energy

QUEEN OF FLOW Oil on Canvas - 36" x 36"

Oil on Canvas – 36″ x 36″

Last night I wanted to know the difference between the Red Tent Movement and our Yin gathering. This morning I found this quote:

“The Red Tent fulfills a constellation of gendered societal needs: To create a place that honors and celebrates women; enable open conversations about the things that women don’t want to talk about in other venues; promote positive ideals for womanhood; educate women about their bodies; educate women about natural menstrual remedies; create an open dialogue about sex; share birthing information; discuss issues of body image and self-acceptance; provide a place where women’s voices can be heard; to provide a spiritual place for women where they can laugh, cry, sing, dance, give each other back or foot rubs, play with face and body painting, give or receive massage and other types of body work, tell stories, eat soup, drink tea, sleep, meditate, journal, share poetry, create artwork, knit… “

Women know how to connect, but we have lost the ability to contain. What I’ve found is that Yin Energy or Womb Energy allows us to create a container so all the juiciness of the above connection doesn’t dissipate. Without the grounding, without the awareness of Self and the Subtle Energies that we swim in there has the potential to carry forward all our old habits into the new. You can’t put new wine into an old wine-skin, the whole container needs to change.

What does that look like? It begins with the agreement to create a safe container. It starts with the commitment to be honest and straight with the sisters of the circle. Above all it begins with the commitment to take responsibility for  Self. NO ONE is going to turn on my light or claim my seat for me. That power resides inside me, and within me alone.

Creating a safe circle is knowing when to ask for support, knowing the difference between “neediness” and “having a need” and allowing the perfect support to flood to me. It’s the commitment to knowing how I feel, what I need/want and voicing those things authentically. The container is aided by the promise that there is nothing to control, nothing to fix and that the secrets shared are not gossiped about. It’s the idea that negativity is a poison that needs to be addressed because we are all intuitive and can feel the truth even when it’s not spoken. It’s the recognition that we all are different and those differences are beautiful and a great gift to the collective. But most of all it is about not holding back to fit into another person’s idea or mold.

How do my sisters do that in circle? By dropping into their lower energies. By building and maintaining a connection to the womb, the heart and the head all at once (with the breath and the intention building and feeding the womb the strongest).

We learn to contain our own power through the womb by dropping into the womb-space. We settle into deep relationship with our Self and in creating a relationship to Self find the key to real authentic connection to all things …

We’re in the process of figuring it out and the process is exhilarating, challenging and terrifying. Some old practices are too much, some new ones are not enough, but it all comes back to the womb, the breath and the hyper-awareness of the body that we inhabit. It’s safe to be here, it safe to claim my light and I’m not afraid if you do the same.


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Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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