Sisterhood and Collective Change


Tonight I meet with my sisters, I am always excited to meet in circle.

Though I am not the soul who brought the Yin teachings to my peers, the energy itself has awakened a deeper understanding of what it means to walk in a feminine vessel at this time.

As a Spiritual Peacemaker, part of the vow I took was to hold the Divine Feminine in my heart until it was time to birth her.

But birthing does not come from the heart. It moves through the body.

For years I have read that we must be in the heart, our work is in the heart, we must open our heart, the heart, the heart, the heart….while the Heart is a very important component to any spiritual work, I am finding that it is not enough.

It is only a starting place.

If we open ourselves through the crown and the heart chakras, but not through our lower vortexes, we become top-heavy.

Most energy workers understand the importance of grounding in any work they do, because an un-grounded (or overly emotional) healer doesn’t help anyone.

As I observe those who have come before me, there is a component missing in the teachings. Those who have walked the path for many years tend to by-pass the human all together.

They have a hard time being in this world and not of it at the same time.

Through opening the sacral chakra (and the energy of the womb space) the opportunity to move the Divine down through the body, and hold both places at once, is a tremendous gift.

We have gathered to study the Divine Feminine in our bodies every Thursday for the past two years, its taken that long to get through our layers, our fears and our egos…and still we have more to do.

Our gathering is as deep and as old as time. It feels like a rejoining of ancient days; and yet there is this feeling of newness.

We have only touched on the tip of the iceberg about what it means to truly hold the Divine Feminine in our bodies.

Anyone who wishes to do the work may enter, but it is a double edges sword.

There is no room for the old energy to enter. The cloak of the Yang Energy hangs off us as a collective, it is ill fitted (and ill-suited) to our vibration.

Through the Art of Feminine Presence, in the form of YIN classes, we surrender to the magnetic knowing deep within our body and unlock that which has been forgotten, but never lost.

We shrug of our male energy and embody “Her” however we are able.

The Yin Project was founded by Rachael Jayne Groover (  ), Rachael Jayne was asking a different question that I am asking, and she uses the energy in her own way to teach others.

For me, the energy has tapped into something ancient, something I know the world is ready to remember.

We want change, we know that change starts with women.

Women are the vessels for their family, and when they hold their own power, all things are possible.

A woman’s power is inspired and magnetic, it invites movement in the form of flow. It is power without force and magnificent to behold.

What was once only taught in the Mystery Schools is now open to the collective consciousness of all.

Rachael Jayne is not the only woman who has tapped into the womb energy. There are more of us coming forward at this time, many movements that encourage Divine Sisterhood, Womb Magic and the like.

As we learn to contain “Her”, we recognized that we are revealing that energy to be present, we are re-birthing the Divine into the world through the physical and it is why we chose to be woman at this time.

That is how we will gift the feminine energy to the world, collectively; through the Divine Self, our Divine Sisterhood and the Feminine Presence.

For me “walking the talk” in relationship to the Divine Feminine is all about learning what that looks like to house “Her” in my body.

What does it mean to really embrace that part of me physically, emotionally and energetically?

My brain had an idea of what it looked like, but I didn’t really have any model to go on up until a few years ago.

The process we work with is designed to get right down into the body, so we embody what it means to be the Divine Feminine.

It has been a practice that takes a little getting use to.

It has taught me how to act from inspiration, connect to others authentically and open up to the depth of my being.

I’ve had to access courage I didn’t even know I had to open a door to it, but now I’m hooked. I find myself slipping into my feminine energy more often, and my relationships are changed.

When I come from my womb space, my husband can hear me when I speak.

I know it isn’t the only practice out there, but its one that speaks to me very deeply and it is my hope that more woman will join this collective change.


About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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3 Responses to Sisterhood and Collective Change

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    When it comes to providing a place for the divine feminine to dwell, I believe it is to everybody’s advantage when women do so consciously and physically. I kneel only to the divine feminine…

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