Exploring the Depths

New musings on an old subject….
I am learning that the informational tapestry I am woven into is very rich with teachings.
Subtle teachings that I have to go slow to access.
I vow to be gentle with myself, there is plenty of time.
I’m pretty sure after sitting in the Akashic that time is not as linear as I think, nor am I doomed to repeat myself without learning from my mistakes.
When I was taught ALL TIME IS NOW, ALL SPACE IS HERE, it was pretty significant.
As I spend more time in meditation, with vibration therapy, with toning, inner temple work and all the tools of my trade, I am able to explore my connection to the larger part of myself, so that I can better understand the energies that I am encountering within this world.
For instance, when I open to the Earth energies, I am connecting to the love and support that is offered through the Earth. Tapping into the Great Mother helps to ground and teach me that it is safe to be here, and that I am supported.
The Mother never left her children and her arms are always waiting to receive us. Her great belly of wisdom is mine to enter into.
Working with the Mother is like entering again into the great womb, she nourishes and feeds all that I require.
While in her safety, I have the potential to grow and thrive to the point of completion. My birth, takes place again as I move towards ascension, merging again with the great God head, the cosmic mind and the Source of all being.
The Great Mother is the Earth Chakra, my connection to the vibrational plane at the earth’s core.
The Goddess energy is that of the womb, her vortex portal draws me in, offering information about the creator aspect of myself.
These two entities share the Root Chakra, teaching about safety and vibrational alignment.
Within my Heart in the energy that is my true essence, the aspect of me that is a Child of God. Within the deep recesses of the heart vortex I know this, it the part of me that is present always and I retain this understanding throughout my life.
In the Solar plexus is the understanding that I am an instrument of God. My life is not my own but an aspect of the Creator, for the Creator. When the solar plexus is out of alignment with this truth, my self-worth is in question/ or becomes over inflated by the ego. “Not My Will, but Thy Will” is the understanding that needs to come from this vortex.
As I come to know myself more intimately as a Child of God, as an aspect of the Creator, my Throat Chakra speaks for God, receiving communication from the Source in beautiful alignment to the purity of what is.
From that alignment comes the opening of my illuminated mind. The opening happens in the centre of my brain and is directly connected to my connection with God, and the inner and outer knowing that is offered within the vortex of my all-seeing eye.
Energetically, if I was to follow the threads up I would find I am always tethered to my larger self, its helpers, guides and teachers.
The purposes of this life is to allow the truth of who I am to walk the earth in my body.
I must consciously invite God to descend into the body, because my human has free will.
I know that my human will continues to be in the way, I can feel where the small “I” is in it’s resistance…but it is softening.
As I endeavor to breathe open, I know where my work is…and it continues on…

About Goddess in the Belly

Me? I'm one of the many bridges between two worlds. Blogging is a creative outlet for this energy to express itself. I believe nothing happens without vibration alignment, that we are continually creating as we go. Everything on these pages stems from my deep knowing that as we share honestly we transform the collective for the better.
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