March Equinox, the Power of Choice

“Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest.” ― Beatrix Potter

I woke up this morning with the urge to balance and hone my energy. As I centered myself onto my yoga mat, breathing deeply into the moment, I recognized the power that lays in choice. In every moment we each have the capacity to choose how we feel. We have the capacity to choose the activities and actions that will best support and nurture our body, mind and spirit to its fullest capacity.

The ability to make balanced choices is a skill that needs to be practiced. I will not, under any circumstance let myself forget the magic that comes with choice. All the creativity of the universe is held in that vibration.

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Who says what the Divine Feminine is?

I had a thought the other day while looking at a picture that went viral, it was of a woman in white having her period. It was a powerful artistic piece and it stirred up many things within me. The thought touched on the edges of my awareness and I didn’t delve into it.


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Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography

But this morning another woman shared a music video on FB by Amber Lily called ‘Woman’ … in its right is an absolutely lovely song and video. But it triggered me on the heals of Jade Beall’s photo and got me thinking about women’s energy in general and what it means to be a woman, and what it means to connect to the Divine Feminine.

So, here is my disclaimer, I am guilty of putting the Divine Feminine in a box. I see women who bleed (or who have bled in the past) as real women. I see women who have given birth as more powerful that those who have not … it was a sharp truth deep in my heart as it isn’t as inclusive a voice as I would like to think I have. But I always want to go deeper, so I listened to another inner voice as it whispered, ‘What of the energy that comes into a body that is feminine and is not connected to a traditional woman’s body? What of the Divine Feminine as transgender? Are they less woman because they don’t bleed? How far does my box like thinking go? Does it extend to flat chested women, women with straight hips? Women who don’t rock the wild-eyed priestess vibe? Are they less too? Am I less in my own mind because I don’t fit into the mold? Is that why I’m triggered? Probably, but lets go deeper…

It seems that the acceptable pictures of the Divine Feminine portrayed organizations like Wild Women Sisterhood are all bohimian skirted, dreadlocked, tribal dancing women. It would seem that through the Red Tent Movement bleeding, birthing, dancing, connecting to a tribe are all parts of the acceptable circle magic. And there is magic in this. But as I watched the music video by Amber Lily, a sinking feeling enveloped me.

‘What if the assent of women is becoming a lush spectacle, something to hide behind? Even though it is full of deep meaning to those who participate? What if it is just more of the old being recreated?

I wonder how much more damage we are doing to the bigger energy by trying to hold the Feminine at bay this way? By my placing it in a box within the mind SHE can’t flow. By embracing her only in a particulate way it become a cookie cutter parody of the mysticism. It creates a barrier within the mind towards the feminine energy that has nothing to do with the Divine Feminine at all.

Some of the most Holy of women in my life, do not carry crystals, dance around the fire in the moonlight, wear skirts, eat vegan, or practice deep womb breathing … and they are tapped in so deep your heart expands in their presence.

I think its helpful to remember that its just the Goddess energy at play when we come together in magic circles, its like playing with dress up. Its not the Divine Feminine. Both are vastly different, one being an expression of an aspect of the feminine, and the other a field of awareness taking you deeper into something larger. Divine Feminine energy is part of a field of beingness. It is the flow, it is deep listening…that is it, no trappings.

Goddess energy is playful, a way of embodying an aspect of lushness, mysticism and raw feminine power, but it is not the Divine Feminine. The energy of the Divine Feminine needs nothing, because it is.

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Love yourself enough

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You are a giant radio dial for the universe and its time to love yourself enough to care what tune you are playing. Learning to take a ‘self-first’ approach to your frequency makes you realized that how you feel in any given situation is vitally important.  This is a time of great exploration, there have never been so many tools to help you discern your vibration than there are right now in this moment.
How you feel in this world is what you will create more of, and what you are experiencing depends entirely on where your dial is tuned.
Take a look at what you have created.
Then take responsibility for your own vibrational frequency.
Taking responsibility is where your power lies.
You tuned that dial. You tuned it by the thoughts you kept thinking, and the emotions you continue to allow into your experience.
Your emotions are vibration, and vibration is what creates more of the same around you, it draws your exact matches to you. Don’t like what you see? Change from the inside, and watch what happens to your outer world.
When you practice self care you become more effective at pinpointing what you are creating. By learning to listen to how you feel, and what you need (and be truthful about what you find) you come to a balanced frequency that will shift your vibration, and shifting your frequency is what will change your world.
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