Feminine Alchemy



Feminine Alchemy

The process of sinking deeper into my personal creative energy is very intimate, possibly even more so than some of my random thoughts left on the internet. It feels like I birthed this latest painting, but her energy is well grounded in my psyche. She speaks gently within the nuance of my mind, whispering that we carry the power to transmute everything around us with our focus and allowing.

Above her right hand, there are etheric feminine whisps moving up and dispersing. What a metaphor for how thought energy can move through and disperse if I let it! The Alchemy is that I am the director of my thoughts. I choose my focus. Whether I carry forward deep held beliefs or dispell them all comes down to if I am exercising my ‘power of allowing’ or not.

Within my personal paradigm, everything begins with a desire, and the choice is what sets the direction. Beyond the choice, the power expands to fit the focus of the desire. I call that power creative. I believe that we can shift the focus of our creativity and that is what free will is. While she’s called ‘Feminine Alchemy’, what she really understands is the nuance of our creative power because she’s allowing for balance.

All things seek balance. When we become unbalanced it is because we are choosing to be attached to on idea and it directs the creative power. Mindfulness is only part of the medicine she brings forward, she’s also a reminder that my natural state is one of balance and my work is to surrender to allowing that balance move through. Her left side is holding space with the light, while her right hand is transmuting energy, it just happens to be feminine whisps in this case but it could easily be any stuck energy, patterns or thoughts that want to move through. I find it interesting this morning that there is action on the right and allowing on the left.

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Overcoming Self-Doubt

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We may never overcome our inner critic, it will probably stay present with us, stirred up when we reach an edge or an old wound. The best form of overcoming self-doubt is not in the destruction of it but in the allowing of it.

I am completely committed to mindfully allow what is, to be.

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Waiting for Inspiration

I’ve been kind of tapped out, focused on the art class that is underway and not really feeling called to flow any extra through me. Sometimes I feel guilty waiting for inspiration, while the rest of the world makes things happen. One of my favourite YouTubers talks about ‘hustling harder’ every day. She makes me smile when she says it, but making things happen feels like ramming my head into a brick wall. And I much prefer to wait for the flow then to give myself a headache.

I’m not here to impress anyone.

Last night we had a facilitator live video chat and I recognized some very subtle things about the training I have undergone in the past ten years. I’ve been trained to slow down, and when I think I’m slow, to slow it down another notch. When someone speaks I’m trained to listen, not just with my ears or with my heart, but my whole energy body. I’m trained to engage with the energy by ingesting everything at the subtlest level.

My training came from being in the company of some truly brilliant space holders and it was a privilege that not everyone gets. I found these women when I was in my mid-twenties, and I think they are the foundation of my adulthood now. Over and above anything I have encountered, those souls helped to awakened dormant parts of me, just because they sat in their own level of allowing. I’m just coming to realize how special a circumstance that was. Our Soul directed meeting was based on deep desires to know ‘truth’ and our coming together blessed my path deeply.

Sitting here this morning, full of gratitude, my heart is full, knowing the kind of people who have contributed to my unfolding on this soul journey. I don’t need to push for inspiration, or content, I need to sit in allowing. All I ever needs is to mind my own energy and not worry so much about the rest of the herd. It comes back to this, again and again, am I checking in with myself? Am I listening to the inner promptings that signal the stirring of some new inspiration? Am I learning to listen to myself as a fully embodied soul?


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