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I’ve been quiet because I’m being loud in other places. It’s interesting how that happens in my life. My attention for the past five days has been on a 10-day art retreat, and I’ve been focused inward as I colour like a little child, discovering why I like to make art and what it’s for. 

A little hint: it is for the joy of it and nothing more.

As a child, I made art with abandon. I could get lost in my imagination or my creativity for hours. I like colour for no other reason than it makes my eyes happy. Then somewhere I learned that is was pointless to make art unless you are a master, and even less so if no one likes what you make. 

Somewhere I learned that making things for your own pleasure wasn’t a viable pursuit … that others need to be impressed. Everything you do has to have a purpose, and something outside of yourself has to validate that purpose by accepting it.

What a bunch of bullshit!

About nine years ago after my daughter was born, I began reemerging from within; shakily and still very much secretly I began to discover my creative play again.

I didn’t speak of what was bubbling up, there was really no point. But looking back, this love of creation was trying to surface much sooner than anyone around me would have guessed.  My one friend likes to exclaim when she comes over now, “Who knew you were an artist!” “I didn’t see it coming! ” It makes me laugh, no one could see it because I didn’t share it!

I didn’t share anything of myself, not ever. No one was worthy of being intimate, and everyone was a potential heartache waiting to happen … I know, it was a sad and bleak worldview.

Now, my ‘studio’ is our home, and everyone gets to see what I’m playing with.  I’m no longer guarded because I can see the gift that vulnerability and visibility are for myself and others. There is great permission in showing up as you are.

My level of protection (before) was perfect too, as such a vulnerable empath I didn’t understand about discernment or the power of consciously tapping into Source. But I do now and build my own level of safety into everything I do. I’ve learned that walls and layers were my only way of staying insulated against all the extra feelings I could pick up on. But what I sense and feel now doesn’t need to be fixed or guarded against, I am sovereign and know how to check in with myself fully.

Looking at it now, I had been hibernating before. I was dull and unfocused in the physical with regards to my creativity because I wasn’t tapping into my God(dess) Self. As a sensitive I needed to learn to plug into universal energy consciously, I needed to ground and trust in the all that is. It took some time to refine how I actively tapped into my Source Energy. Feeling it out now, much of my energy felt very surface and muted in all aspect of my life. I was protecting my tender nature in a very think energy cloak. It was like I was fearful of unleashing all of me and being visible at the same time. Up until I began unravelling myself, one layer at a time, there were many layers that only a select worthy few had ever been gifted with seeing. 

My bedroom as a teenager was covered in writing and art. I had altars to the natural world on every surface; sticks and feathers mixed with shells and crystals. And then I packed it all away as I began to find my adult footing.  It didn’t occur to me to bring it all with me, no adult I knew was in full possession of their magic, or their creativity … but then again, I wasn’t really looking very closely.

What does it look like when you unleash your wildness? What does it look like to unravel yourself from within?

For me, there is more colour, a recognition of the natural rhythms and pulse of the world and within my body than every before; I’m returning to the me of childhood. There is more flow and recognition of what brings me joy. And what brings me comfort is often very simple, my toes in the grass, wind in my hair. Colour. A great cup of coffee or some chocolate. A juicy conversation. These simple, natural things were always there, the knowledge of them came with me into this body, but I didn’t know how to direct the magic. I didn’t know how to use discernment to ask for what I wanted or to even create what I was looking for. Now I understand focus. Maybe it took packing some of it away (and then remembering the scope of it) to make me appreciate the brilliance of being a woman unleashed. 

Come checkout what I’ve been playing at for the last little bit … https://www.instagram.com/goddessinthebelly/



Goddess in the Belly Art ~ Crystal Bonnici ~




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The Magic of Soul Family

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I have the great honour of spending time with some of my soul family on a regular basis. Each one of us brings an aspect of the divine into focus. There is something really magical that happens when our souls come together, it reminds us of our higher purpose and our higher soul focus. It’s a beautiful thing because soul family member help align you with your soul’s purpose and will accelerate your spiritual growth. I’ve learned that soul family connections are the most loving, supportive, nurturing and compassionate on earth. The connections are powerful and go beyond gender, age, or marital status.

There are key things that these souls relationship provide. First, no one is intimidated by the other’s gifts. They have risen above comparison into deeper honouring of a soul’s journey. They sit in perfect surrender and trust with one another, and it causes a shift in protective barriers; each body is free to be their authentic brilliant Self. And no matter what your human is presenting at the moment, they can see beyond to who you really are; loving you through it all.

The equality of a relationship like that, where both souls have no agenda, causes a resonance field that is palpable. I’ve noticed that the gentle allowing from these souls behaves as a tuning fork for all parties involved and each soul begins to vibrate at a higher frequency. On a human level, we just feel better energetically when we can sit with each other, even for five minutes. We’ve noticed that we become more present, clear and sure as to who we are beyond our ego-personalities.

When two (or more souls) come together in this way there is no need for meditation or external aids to raise the frequency. It’s the quality of the expanded energy between the souls that takes all parties involved to higher conscious states while they talk.

Our soul families are the ones that recognise us at our deepest levels. They see past our very human exterior to the light within. They see our gifts and honour them without comparison. We recognise each other beyond time and space, responding to the notes within our heart.

We’ve all heard that “Your vibe attracts your Tribe” but resonating with your soul family actually goes far beyond this. Your tribe is more like a group that comes together for a duration. You can attract a tribe by whatever frequency you choose to focus on. Not all of those in the tribe will be part of your soul family. A tribe is made up of many different threads of beingness so that each energy that needs to be worked through will be brought to the surface in its perfect way. A soul family will not shift, because the connection is through your higher dimension.

Because you are a multidimensional being living on many planes of existence at once, many interactions are based on where you vibrational alignment sits. It’s a great honour to interact with my soul family while in the physical and I feel grateful for the presence as I journey in this very human world.

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You’re A Radio Dial

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What does it mean when I say, tune your frequency?

Energetically you are filtering the information of everything that is around you, and you are doing it all of the time. You are assimilating what you align with and rejecting what you don’t, often without conscious awareness of what you are doing. Your vibration is your alignment with all that is around you, and what you are experiencing gives you clues as to where your frequency is sitting. You in every sense of the word are a giant ‘radio dial’.

Your information filtration system is brilliant. From the moment you began to focus into form, you began receiving information from your families and soul groups, you started to collect vibration from that which is around you and you began to tune your frequency into the alignment of choice.

You started to shape yourself. Based upon how you felt and what you believe about the world you created form. You continue to create and use what is around you as a basis for your frequency. You pay attention to the people and places you encounter and began to match the frequency until that is all you think you are.

But just like a radio dial, your frequency isn’t set. You can (and are) tuning your energy system by what you focus your attention on. You are doing this continually. You know you are focused in a positive direction based on the power of your emotions. Your emotions are your indicators. If you thought you were put here without a road map, this is your reminder that you have an advanced navigation system built in, just like GPS in a car.

Pay attention to how you are tuning your frequency. Notice what you have vibrated into alignment with and if anything feels ‘off’ begin shifting your emotions until you land on a signal that feels better.

So, where you do want to focus?

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