It begins very simply

Abraham-Hicks’s teachings were at the forefront of my mind as I woke up this morning.

At the heart there are four steps to the teachings that are deceptively simple:

1) You ask. 
2) The Universe responds.
3) You allow.
4) Then you sit in your personal gratitude for a minimum of 17 seconds to stay in alignment with the new asking

You access the first three steps just by being here.
And you learn step four by exercising your emotional focus repeatedly.

Step four is the most important because in this way you take responsibility for your creations.

If you’re experiencing something that doesn’t feel good it is important to know that contrast is never a bad thing. Or wrong. Contrast is causing you to have a step one moment. And asking cause expansion.

The universe is always responding to your asking. You allow what you are aligned with and can align with anything you focus on. It helps if you can see yourself as a soul having a human experience. But the teachings work without a belief in something more because they act more like the law of gravity. So, take a look around you and notice what you are creating.

It is important to remember that you are never stuck. Love, Joy and Gratitude are the most powerful emotions you can tune into and are the most transformative force; focusing on them changes your experience every time.

The only reason you feel unpleasant is that the larger part of you has moved towards expansion and your mental thoughts have not shifted to catch up. You catch up by tuning your vibration to the best feeling thoughts you can reach in the moment.

What you believe depends on what you are focused on. What you experience depends on what you believe about the world. Change your thinking and you change your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you attract different experiences.

Depending on how much resistance you have built up, working your way towards better and better feelings can take all your focus. Depending on your built up belief systems it can feel like moving through sticky, thick muck to get to a place that feels better. Never give up. The law of attraction is always working for you and tuning your vibration is always valuable.

It begins very simply.

How do you feel? What do you need in the now? And what are you grateful for?

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Sometimes all you can offer …

Sometimes all you can offer to the cacophony in this world is your silence. There is peace is your retreat into self. Peace and stillness are needed. There is wholeness in your ability to know the vastness of the unformed in a single breath. The perfect trust of one who has kissed gratitude fully on the mouth, who has repeatedly surrendered into the arms of grace is a service for all Beingness.

This is no small feat.

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Concious Focus

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What you’re thinking, feeling and perceiving is any given moment is an opportunity to create your reality.

But what does that mean really?

It’s a deceptively simple practice. It means you are the artist of this life experience. So, take a look around you, whatever is being reflected back to you is where your thoughts and feelings sit. How you perceive what is reflected back at you is an indication of where you sit within your own psyche. Your perceptions shape your actions and thus shape your personal experience. Two people could encounter the same thing and have wildly different responses based on how they choose to view the world.

Most of us who play with the energies of the law of attraction are hyper aware that we have the ability to choose our vibration; no matter what is going on around us, we can choose how we perceive it and then change our response to better and better feeling thoughts. One person in traffic could become volatile because another driver is not doing exactly what they think they should. Yet another could encounter the same driver and perceive another thing entirely.

The most important thing to remember is that any thought or corresponding emotion can be shifted with willingness and focus. A person is never stuck; you change the thoughts, it changes the energy and shifts the reality.

After riding the energy wave of the summer we’ve slid into September with a greater awareness at our beck and call. The time is ripe for those who want to harness their conscious focus. And all it takes is one individual determined to be a ripple in the pond.

So, how can you take greater responsibility for how you think, feel and filter the world around you? Well, it’s a choice. And by understanding that it’s a choice you will continue to make (forever more) you have the opportunity to expand into a greater excitement for this thing we call life. There are only two aspects in any given situation, are you coming from a place of fear, or love?

I choose love. I choose the path that shifts me into relief. I choose expansion and the visceral opening of my heart. I choose to ground my energy, I choose to connect myself to more than just my body, I choose to refocus continually, and to see everything as an opportunity for greater expansion and clarity.


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