How to Pick a Reiki Master



I have a lot of opinions about Reiki.

A lot.

When I first started my Reiki training, I knew I wanted to learn how to teach it. It was an instant fit and I was convinced that I would then go around attuning people to it; anyone and everyone who wanted it would get it.

I was 21, and an idealist. I still saw it as an outer practice and not an inner transformation. I didn’t really understand the journey that Reiki takes a seeker on, I was thinking just about the energetics of it from a mental level. I had known about Reiki since I was 14, but didn’t have any idea about the nuances of the teachings. My family already practised a form of energy-work and I was just thrilled to hear about a practice that had a language for what we did. It took me some time to find a teacher as it wasn’t as widespread as it is now and to say I was excited is an understatement. I booked my day off work and drove to a woman’s house where three other students and I would learn our level one.

The lady was nice, she had been teaching and practicing for several years, and I tried to listen through my excitement. But I was so eager, I couldn’t take in everything that was offered up in that first layer. Looking back, the lady wasn’t a good fit and I can see how I wasn’t fully present in my body through our interactions. There were a lot of unconscious human layers that the information had to go through. A lot of perceptions about what I was doing that needed to be shifted. While I had a great time and left the training ‘high’ on energy, I didn’t really feel that I ‘got’ anything from it that I didn’t already know.  I think this is quite common for students.

But I enthusiastically practised. And when a few years later, my older brother wanted to take his level one I decided to go with him to his Reiki Master who lived three hours away. I liked her, she was a natural intuitive and her home was warm and inviting. Being attuned felt like a grounding experience, I was much more present and able to hear what was offered in a different way. The teaching was the same as I received the first time, only I was different. I left feeling like if I wanted to take my level two with her one day, simply because she was a better teacher than the first. And a year later, when I was thinking it was time to take my level two attunement, I happened to cross paths with her and realized she didn’t fully remember me. If my brother hadn’t been there with me I don’t know if she would have recognized me at all. My ego felt deflated. Looking back at it I can see there were signs we were not a good fit for each other that I had ignored in my excitement to learn more about Reiki. But from that encounter, I knew she and I wouldn’t continue to work with each other.

While closer to home and still thinking I wanted to have my level two, I discovered a sign on a house that offered Reiki. I looked up the website and discovered that the man there offered classes.  It turned out that they were a husband and wife team, the first ever twin flames I encountered. And even though he was the Reiki Master they taught together and were a package deal. I entered the training and immediately felt like someone had offered me magic. There were crystals involved and warm Chai tea and these two were energetically what I had been looking for since my first encounter with Reiki. With all the little hits of understanding with regards to energy work I was gaining, I completely missed that level two also uncovers what is stuck in your energy field. Let’s just say, dark night of the soul is a real occurrence when shifting vibrational frequency and it took some time to sort it out. All the while I continued to visit this Reiki Master and his wife at their monthly Reiki shares and began to feel a tentative fellowship with them and their other students as my energy blocks shifted. As I shifted, I became aware of even more subtle energy. The fellowship there wasn’t exactly as warm as projected and mirrored all the layers I needed to shift. One day within an interaction I had a subtle feeling his wife and I were not meshing. So, I took a break from Reiki and gathering with other energy practitioners and began to learn yoga and other energy modalities. I also got married and had my first child.

One day while out walking the baby I came across a sandwich-board sign on the main drag of our downtown. The Reiki Centre. Someone was opening a ‘centre’, and I got a prickle up my neck. Something was whispering to go in but it looked like they were not fully open yet and I filed it in the back of my mind. It had been seven years since my first level one and it occurred to me it was time to take on my level three. I had felt such an affinity with my last Reiki Master that I felt like I should complete my training with him, and yet there was a new centre, right downtown, just a five-minute walk from my house that I kept thinking about.

When I finally walked into the space downtown, I asked to sign up for Reiki III on the spot. She had to create a class for me. But I felt like I had landed where I was supposed to be. There are no words for the journey that the Centre took me on. Without a doubt, I was funnelled there through my own asking. And without those pit-stops at three different Reiki Masters along the way I couldn’t a recognized the depth that was offered up. The lady who was once my teacher is still my friend today. In an interesting twist, she also had ties to all my previous teachers in one way or another.

So, how do you choose a Reiki Master?

You ask. You open yourself up to learning and then follow the feelings. Anyone can ‘learn’ Reiki and go through the motions, but at its heart the process is a journey, taking the practitioner on an ever-flowing ride into self-awareness, as personal Mastery unfolds so does the nuance of the teachings…and I don’t mind sharing they are many and brilliant. That teaching is actually right there in level one, though it takes some time to see it. ❤


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From the Akashic to Reiki

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Someone asked me to read their past-life information the other day and it got me thinking about how I use my energy in general. I realized that I’m not a fan of experimental readings. I’m kind of a snob. That is because I feel there is an etiquette to the ancient practices and the brilliance of them shouldn’t be reduced to parlour tricks.
Sometimes when I read subtle information I use the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a multi-dimensional library of light where all the information and wisdom about every soul ever incarnated is encoded. Deciphering the information into human words is nuanced work.
My teacher often said it was like a google search engine, and I believe her words were, “Stupid in is stupid out, make sure to form your questions accordingly.”
When I read the light language housed within the Records there are some people that think I am simply doing a past-life-reading and get fixated on who they were. Then they go and tell other people that is what I did for them.
While sometimes the information does come through as stories in order to give context to their reality, it isn’t really just about ‘past-life’ information. That is too simplistic a way of looking at the Records and what is available to an individual, and I personally never bill it out that way.
Working with the Records I can sense so much more than a linear soul perspective; even though I often pull information about a person’s karmic patterns as they are in this now experience. At that level, there is no emotional charge to the information, no angelic or guided help. From within the energy of the Akashic, there is no wrong, only a peaceful loving acceptance of all that is.
Also from within the energy of the record’s I see opportunities for a client’s current vibration to shift. These opportunities show up for me like ribbons of coloured light, that act as potential pathways of the individuals’ free will. These ribbons shift and change based on how the individual chooses to behave in their everyday life and will show up as vibrant or dim light paths depending on how close they are to choosing those pathways for themselves.
Over the years I’ve learned that the Akashic is an undulating energy that is shifting continually, an organic vibration. Nothing found there is set in absolute. Though there are governing laws and energies. Working with it can bring context to a person’s life path and heal discordant energies.
These days I tend to mix a Reiki session with the Akashic (in my paradigm they are just two parts of a larger whole). I mix them in order to go deep into the seeker’s energy so they can elevate their vibration and gain a broader perspective. When a person is willing to take responsibility for their inner work, lasting shifts take place and I find Reiki is a great way for a person to take responsibility for their own energy.
Because the presiding energy of both is unconditional love a person is left with a feeling of comfort everytime.  I’ve found that when a person comes to me for a Reiki session they don’t get overwhelmed by their thinking mind in the same way a person does when they expect a ‘reading’. There is something about the human ego that likes to latch onto information, and that in turn locks them into vibrations that they otherwise may have let go of.
Because of how I personally use the energy those who come to me will encounter what they need for their soul’s unique asking and only when they are ready will they hear what they need.
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Mother’s ROAR

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The women are activating … and I’m in awe.

It’s just one corner of the shift happening on the planet, but it’s caught my attention. My beautiful art teacher, along with over one thousand like-minded women have banded together to write to the government, to march, to protest and to support the protection of the children and families that are separated in the US.

Not from a place of fear, but from a place of open-hearted love and compassion.

These women are spanning the globe, from Australia, the UK, Canada and the US continuing to keep each other informed and supported in a loving way while they look for (and fight for) solutions to a very large issue.

Sacred activism occurs when those who hold the energy of compassion lead the charge. This is Durga’s superpower and I can feel it in my teacher. Balanced, sure, and open to holding the energy of change, all from within the seeming chaos. This is what makes lasting changes.

We are living in potent times and all of us have from row seats for some beautiful shifts to manifest. Unfortunately, if you focus on the crumbling of the old you might just miss the brilliance being born from the mess. Look for the helpers. They are everywhere.

If you’re called to action, want to support the shift from an aligned place of compassion, check out their FB page and add your voice to the shift, they might just have solutions you haven’t thought of. It’s open to men too 🙂


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